lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Daniel Hernández.

Musician, guitar player, audio engineer and composer.
Pupil of Alejandro Aznavwrian, certificated  by the ABRSM in level 5 of Music Theory and he is the heir of the Filos Technique of Alejandro Aznavwrian.

I started playing piano at the age of four at Yamaha Music School in Mexico City until the age of twelve. At the age of fourteen my parents gave me my first guitar and I never stopped playing guitar since that day.

I studied classic guitar, electric guitar, flamenco guitar, harmony, piano, MIDI, music technology, composing, history of art, transactional analysis and interpreter psychology in Ararat Music with the teacher Alejandro Aznavwrian.

I have played more than one hundred concerts in  museums and house of culture like “Museo de el Carmen”, “Museo de las Intervenciones”, “Museo casa estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo”, the house of culture of the “Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México”,  the Psychology faculty of the “UNAM” and the Auditorium of the ENAH. I have also had live radio presentations and interviews such as “Flamenkeando”, “Código D.F”, “La Capitalina” and I have also played live on TV at “Cadena 3”, “The fashion Family” and “Efekto tv”.

My mentor:
Alejandro Aznavwrian started to be my mentor when I was sixteen years old, he tought me evrything I know about music. He is one of the greatest guitar player and musician in my country, he plays the flamenco guitar, clasic guitar, electric guitar, piano, armenian duduk, drums and clarinet.

One of the most important things I learned with my mentor was the Flamenco guitar.
I started to practice every day until my hands could´nt go on and with all the practice I become a great guitar player thanks to all the knowledge, tradition and culture he gave me.

My mentor is also a great music composer and audio engineer, he has got more than thirty music productions, they are in itunes and in music stores at mexico.